Yet another traditional competition, the 77th Mrduja Regatta, has ended sporting the largest number of participants ever – which was to be expected – but much as a surprise also setting a new time record!    This limit of best sailing time established in 1973 has never been surpassed until now when the winner raced his “Shining Maxi Umago” over the regatta distance of 22 nautical miles in a mere 2 hours and 15 minutes.   A respectable achievement – and probably a very lasting one – congratulations!

As in the past, BAVADRIA enrolled in the competition with its own 12 yachts plus an additional 7 rented ones –  and all chartered for the event by employees of the T-MOBILE company like last year.  Scheduled starting time was 11 a.m. – the race took off smoothly without delay in good wind conditions (blowing from the southeast) lateron followed by spells of rain, and continued at a convenient pace up to the island of Mrdulja.  There the wind stopped blowing and there was a lull.  Underway back the yachts got caught in sudden gusts of wind which for some proved as too difficult to cope with, and at that point several participants gave up.

Here come the yachts and persons at the helm which made the time limit – in order of their arrival:

  1. SMOKOVA -skipper Armano  ZEKAN
  2. ROSA  – skipper  Frane Brate
  3. VITRENA – skipper Čosić Žele     
  4. HRVASKA – skipper Minski Fabrios
  5. LETICIA –  skipper Dumanić Neno
  6. PERNA – skipper Bedalov Joško
  7. BATALA – skipper Martinčić Željko
  8. ŽIVA – skipper Ivančić Igor
  9. OSIBOVA – skipper Joško Kačić
  10. VEPRINOVA – skipper Nikolić Miljenko
  11. LIVKA – skipper Edi Jurišin
  12. SOBRA – skipper Škarpa Ivan

Unfortunately,  all others did not meet the required target.

May we take this opportunity to thank our longstanding business friends of T-MOBILE whose continuous support, sportive know-how and enhancing competitive spirit made such outstanding results possible.

THANK YOU, and see you next year!

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