Social responsibility


As a new Marina in the heart of Dalmatia, Marina Kaštela was built in accordance with applicable rules for safety and environmental protection. This makes it a modern construction that provides all necessary services to ensure the comfort and pleasant stay of its guests.

Besides being a touristic and nautical establishment, Marina Kaštela plays an important role in the development of the City of Kaštela. We understand our presence in the Kaštela Bay as being part of the community and will continue to support its advancement.

The management of Marina Kaštela and Bavadria Yachting, through sponsorship of sports clubs and providing scholarships for student athletes, takes a strong interest in the education and development of local youth.

As the Marina and Bavadria Yachting grows and expands further, we will continue to apply a sustainable approach in order to contribute to the transformation of Kaštela into an attractive center for nautical tourism on the Dalmatian coast.




Sport Clubs “Marina Kaštela”




Mirno More Marina Kaštela

Mirno More Austria



Awarding scholarships to high-school and college students is part of a program of Marina Kaštela and Bavadria Yachting whose aim is to encourage young people in the community to get higher education.

Most scholarship holders are children and young people who are or used to be members of Sports clubs of Marina Kaštela, with excellent school grades and high ambitions. After they finish college, scholarship holders return the scholarship to the sports clubs.



In order to support various sports, cultural and social activities in the community, Marina Kaštela and BavAdria Yachting have over the years supported many clubs, organizations and individuals, whether on a one-time basis or through permanent donations, as well as some other forms of help.



The influence of fly and bottom ash deposition on the quality of Kastela Bay sediments, SedimentsQuality