Even though Kaštela in its current form is known as the picturesque 7 villages between Split and Trogir, they do have their own identity, culture and even a rich history of local food and wine. The combination of dry and rocky soil, the abundance of underground water due to the Kozjak mountain, the sunny climate and the closeness and safety of the Bay of Kaštela provide a background to this rich history.

Traditionally the people living in Kaštela were either farmers, who had to work very hard to grow food on the dry soil, and fishermen, who had to compete with other fishing villages along the coast. A typical homecooked meal, even today, would consist of a fish soup and boiled or grilled fish swimming in olive oil, with a side of swiss chard and potatoes. This basic formula is then slightly changed up by using local calamari or beef instead of fish, and sometime Italian rice instead of potatoes.

As many of the labourers working in the fields consumed dried figs, almonds and citrus fruits the combination of those ingredients became an integral part of domestic desserts such as Kaštela cake (Kaštelanska torta). Dishes such as pašticada, peka (under the baking bell), prosciutto, broad beans with cuttlefish, lamb with bread under peka (under the baking bell), play an important role, and foods such as broad beans and tomatoes even have festivals dedicated to them. Kaštela is also famous in Croatia for its abundance in fruits, and you can find cherries, figs, kiwis and pomegranates from Kaštela in the biggest farmers markets, from Split to Zagreb.

In today’s gastronomical offer, old fashioned dishes are inspiration for the modern cuisine. This is how the Pepefiš delicacies by the Dražin family from Kaštela was created. Dražin have won several international awards for their combination of marinated salty anchovies and sweet and sour peppers. Many of these delicacies are must-try dishes featured in the restaurants of Marina Kaštela as well as Bavadria’s banquets.

Since every superb meal goes well with a good glass of wine, the story continues with Crljenak, an original grape from Kaštela that went on its journey to America 200 years ago and became one of the favourite red wines – Zinfandel. The long discussion regarding the origin of this wine has found its conclusion in Kaštela, as it was proven with modern genetic testing, that the seeds come originally from the old vineyards on the slopes on the Kozjak.

Today, Kaštela is undergoing a renaissance of their wine making. You can taste a glass of this superb wine with an intense ruby-red colour, soft rounded fruity aromas and very elegant structure in the Spinnaker restaurant in Marina Kaštela.

Welcome to the home of Zinfandel – Crljenak of Kaštela!

For the first time ever, Marina Kaštela is hosting the 11th edition of the Croatian Small Ship Building and Tourist Attraction Fair taking place between April 4th and 7tt. This will be the first major fair in our new state-of-the-art Sailing Centre.

This year the fair has been elevated to a higher level due to the growing interest of domestic and foreign exhibitors as well as the expected increase in the number of visitors. The organisers of this event emphasize that the reasons for cooperation are not only the improved capacity and infrastructure of the marina, but also the vision and dedication of Capt. Joško Berket’s and his staff at Marina Kaštela. Both Marina Kaštela, and its sister company BavAdria, have not only been involved as founders and sponsors of a number of local sports teams, but have also been widely praised for building an indoor pool that mostly serves the local population.

The fair is intended to promote old crafts practiced in small ship building yards and hence put the ship building sector into the foreground. The fair will also promote vessels and equipment adjusted to the modern needs as well as a broader assortment of tourist attractions.

In addition to Marina Kaštela, this unique event is an excellent promotion for Kaštela as a modern tourist destination with the opening of numerous content possibilities.

Marina Kaštela wants to welcome all those who love the sea to the 11th edition of Small Ship Building and Tourist Attraction Fair. Admission is free for all visitors!

Dear sailing friends,

Bavadria Yachting invites all those who love the sea and sailing to the largest boat show in the central and eastern Europe, “Austrian Boat Show – BOOT TULLN“, that will take place in Tulln between March 7th and 10th. Record 50,000 visitors are expected at the 48th edition of the fair.

We are proud to announce that we entering the new waters of Charter Management, with an expansion of the fleet with four new ‘Sun Odyssey’ boats type 519, 490 and 440, as well as an Azimut 62 motor yacht.  At the same time, our sister company Marina Kaštela has significantly improved the quality of the service for private and charter guests with the realisation of a large project that included the sailing centre and the swimming pool complex.

The new sailing centre is the most modern venue of this type in Dalmatia. It provides excellent conditions to organize international regattas and any other type of manifestations, big and small. The swimming pool complex features a 25 m indoor pool and associated content designed for sports, relaxation and entertainment. In addition, Marina Kaštela has expanded its gastronomical offer as it continually keeps up with all the modern nautical tourism trends.

We invite you to visit us from 10 AM to 6 PM at booth number 408 in hall 4 and find out what special deals are waiting for you during this year’s nautical season!

We are happy to hear your favourite sailing stories and experiences over some Dalmatian wine and other local delicacies!

Click here to download a coupon for an entry ticket discount.

We look forward to seeing you in Tulln and Kaštela!

Your Bavadria team

To mark the Day of Sailors that coincided with the St. Nicholas Day, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure recognised Marina Kaštela for its contribution to the development of maritime commerce. The award ceremony took place in Zadar during the official ceremony on the Day of Sailors and Captains.

Mrs. Maja Markovčić Kostelac, a State Secretary, gave the award for the contribution to the development of maritime commerce to Mr. Joško Berket, the owner of Marina Kaštela. The award was given for the construction of the nautical tourism port – Marina Kaštela in Kaštel Gomilica. The marina was developed in several phases, with 400 sea berths and 200 dry berths. The following was emphasized at the award ceremony;

– the facilities at Marina Kaštela are private investments for public use by the residents of the City of Kaštel. In addition to being a tourism and a maritime institution, Marina Kaštela also plays an important role in the development of the city. The presence of the marina in the Bay of Kaštel also implies participation in the community and supporting its development. Marina Kaštela, through the establishment of the sailing, rowing and female volleyball teams and sponsoring other sports clubs, cultural, educational and humanitarian projects, such as the Calm Sea Project, has been assisting persons with special needs for more than 12 years.

In accordance with the award ceremony protocol, Cap. Berket addressed everyone present and thanked them on behalf of all award winners. He acknowledged Mr. Oleg Butković, a Minister, and Mrs. Maja Markovčić Kostelac, a State Secretary, whom he congratulated on her new position as the EMSA Director (European Maritime Safety Agency).  Captain Berket directed a few words to Mr. Ante Gotovina and his wife congratulating them on their involvement in the fishing industry and on their entry into the circle of families who make their living from the sea.