Mr. Anton Kliman, the Minister of Tourism, visited Marina Kaštela last Thursday accompanied by Mr. Josip Berket, the owner of Marina Kaštela, Mr. Ivan Udovčić, the Mayor of Kaštela and his deputy, Mr. Milije Novak and Mr. Ante Šošić, the Deputy Prefect. The Minister visited the crew of the social-pedagogical project entitled Calm Sea – Fleet of Peace, just as they were getting ready to set sail from the Marina. The Minister also sailed out to see the formation of the Calm Sea fleet up close. The fleet consisted of 105 boats with crews of children from entire Europe.
The Minister then walked through the Marina to become familiar with the project of constructing and designing new contents; a business centre with a swimming pool and a sailing club with an organized shoreline that will significantly enrich the tourist offer not only of Kaštela, but of entire Croatia.

For the fourth consecutive year, Marina Kaštela hosted a project entitled Calm Sea – Fleet of Peace. The event took place between September 20th and 22nd. It featured 105 boats with 1000 people from all over Europe, including 800 children from various marginalized groups.

This is the largest social-pedagogical project in Europe that gathers children and youth who have no parental care, children with disabilities, mental disabilities or chronic illnesses from 20 European countries for a week of sailing along the Croatian coast providing them with a nice and peaceful week at sea, allowing them to make new friends and cast away prejudices. Two days of the project take place in one marina where the children have a chance to get to know each other through numerous games and activities. We are glad that the Calm Sea volunteers chose Marina Kaštela to be their host for the fourth time and that they have brought the positive energy of this project into our marina.

An action that was a part of the project took place in the Marina this year. This time, young artists, Dino and Zvone from Trogir, painted a graffiti on the west section of the Marina that is dedicated to this project. The graffiti is located in the immediate vicinity of the Calm Sea olive trees planted in 2013 and the Ponton plaque by Tomo Buzon erected in 2015.

The volunteers from Marina Kaštela organized a sailing this year as well for 4 crews as a part of this project with the help of Marina Kaštela and Bavadria as their largest sponsors. We took a crew of young person with diabetes sailing with us (accompanied by a physician), a crew of children from Maestral Children’s Home, Miljenko i Dobrila branch, a crew of patients from the Mir Rudine Rehabilitation Centre, and from Drin and Bakovići Rehabilitation Centres from Fojnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


On Friday, June 24th, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian rowing club Marina Kaštela. The moment when, 20 years ago, a group of enthusiasts from Kaštel, led by Captain Joško Berket, founded the rowing club under the slogan “more rowers, less smokers“ was the beginning of the sports and social program that exists even today.

During the past 20 years, almost 1000 kids have passed through the rowing club. Some of them stayed with the club in the roles of coaches, members of the Board and of a club president. They won a total of 18 gold medals at state championships and a bronze medal at the European championship.  From the very start, the companies Marina Kaštela and Bavadria have been the main sponsors of the club ensuring not only the financing, but also the logistics needed for the club’s operations.

The club’s birthday was celebrated in the same spot where it was created – on the Kambel square Polantana with a big party: the concert of Marijan Ban and Diktatori, with free food and drinks for all guests. Guests from all rowing clubs in Dalmatia joined us, as well as the representatives of the Rowing Association, Vukovar Rowing Club, former coaches and club presidents, as well as the local guests. All of us wished the club lots of luck in the upcoming years.



Dear sailing fans,

The construction work in our Marina (indoor swimming pool and yacht club) are in full swing, and the opening is planned for the end of May 2017.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the construction work and thank you for your patience.

See the latest photos of the construction works from the air and follow this link to a new video :

Video – Marina Kaštela

The plan implementation is available here:


Your Bav-Adria Team