Dear sailing friends,

Thank you very much for your trust and in these unusual times we make every effort to find the best solution for each booking. We are looking forward to the end of the Corona crisis and to welcome you back to our sailing meeting point and the Marina Kaštela soon.

Due to the regulation of the Austrian federal government, we decided to temporarily close our office in Graz and switch to home office operations. We are still available from Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by telephone and email.

T: +43 316 718270 25 

We’re all in the same boat! We wish you all the best in this way and look forward to welcoming you back to Marina Kastela in person as soon as the situation has subsided.

Here is some current information:
Our series of events at the sailing meeting point in Graz has been canceled for this spring.

We offer you year-round professional support for your yacht.
– Guaranteed berths in our own Marina Kastela
– Fair contract terms
– Own and competent yacht service
– Capable and experienced team

• 10% discount on restaurants in Marina Kastela
• 10% discount on berth and restaurants in Marina Korkyra in Vela Luka / Korcula. Reserve the berth in Vela Luka with reservation from BavAdria.
• 1x Bavaria Cruiser 46 – 4 cab.- Optima Prime
• 4x Sun Odyssey Yachts

Swimming pool and sailing center in the Marina Kaštela
Marina Kaštela has completed the next construction phase and we are proud to present the new sailing center with the SPINNAKER restaurant with a large garden by the sea and the swimming pool with 25m pool. Parking and entry to the swimming pool is free for BavAdria guests! More information can be found at or


YCA CLUB REGATTA – GSC – 05-09.04.2020 will be rebooked on October 24th-31st, 2020.

FRIENDSHIP REGATTA – 04/23 until 26.04.2020 will be postponed to 22-25.04.2021. All existing contracts will be rebooked to a new date and sent to you. Options will be canceled. Please let us know if you want to rebook existing option for 2021.


Thank you for your help and trust,

Your BavAdria team

Per il settimo anno consecutivo, la Marina Kaštela ospita la 25a edizione della manifestazione Mare Calmo!

Il progetto Flotta della Pace – Mare Calmo, in croato Flota mira – Mirno more, è il più grande progetto umanitario di vela per bambini, che già per la 25esima volta esordisce lungo la costa croata. Oltre 1150 partecipanti a bordo di 115 imbarcazioni è entrato nella Marina Kaštela per godersi un variegato programma implementato su mare e terraferma. Nell’ambito di questo progetto velico di solidarietà e comprensione internazionale, giovani di 31 paesi del mondo in condizioni sociali difficili e persone con disabilità mentali o fisiche si sono uniti allo spirito unico della Flotta della Pace, imparando attraverso il gioco un’importante lezione di vita: ‘Possiamo e dobbiamo vivere insieme in pace!’

Finora, oltre 11.000 giovani hanno vissuto l’avventura della Flotta della Pace, alzando la propria voce contro l’intolleranza – per la pace.

Martina Klenner-Auvillain, delegata della Repubblica d’Austria nella Repubblica di Croazia, dopo la visita alla Marina Kaštela ha dichiarato: “Alcuni potrebbero pensare che il contributo della Flotta della Pace – Mare Calmo sia piccolo, ma sono convinta che proprio questo loro contributo alla pace, attraverso un esempio diretto ai giovani su come respingere i pregiudizi ed essere aperti verso gli altri e la diversità, sia più che essenziale. Nello spirito della Flora della Pace: Insieme su una nave.”

Tutto ciò è una ragione sufficiente per il padrone di casa, il capitano Joško Berket, a ospitare la Flotta della Pace per la settima volta consecutiva: “Mare Calmo è diventato un modo di pensare nella vita privata e professionale della mia famiglia. Essere parte di questo inestimabile progetto sociale e umanitario mi riempie di gratitudine e orgoglio. Grazie mille agli organizzatori, ai sostenitori e ai volontari. Ci impegneremo per essere dei buoni padroni di casa. Auguro a tutti un piacevole soggiorno a Marina Kaštela.”

Quest’anno, gli organizzatori hanno anche ricevuto un regalo speciale, l’olio d’oliva prodotto dall’ulivo piantato nel 2013 come simbolo di pace con i bambini che avevano partecipato alla Flotta della Pace.


Even though Kaštela in its current form is known as the picturesque 7 villages between Split and Trogir, they do have their own identity, culture and even a rich history of local food and wine. The combination of dry and rocky soil, the abundance of underground water due to the Kozjak mountain, the sunny climate and the closeness and safety of the Bay of Kaštela provide a background to this rich history.

Traditionally the people living in Kaštela were either farmers, who had to work very hard to grow food on the dry soil, and fishermen, who had to compete with other fishing villages along the coast. A typical homecooked meal, even today, would consist of a fish soup and boiled or grilled fish swimming in olive oil, with a side of swiss chard and potatoes. This basic formula is then slightly changed up by using local calamari or beef instead of fish, and sometime Italian rice instead of potatoes.

As many of the labourers working in the fields consumed dried figs, almonds and citrus fruits the combination of those ingredients became an integral part of domestic desserts such as Kaštela cake (Kaštelanska torta). Dishes such as pašticada, peka (under the baking bell), prosciutto, broad beans with cuttlefish, lamb with bread under peka (under the baking bell), play an important role, and foods such as broad beans and tomatoes even have festivals dedicated to them. Kaštela is also famous in Croatia for its abundance in fruits, and you can find cherries, figs, kiwis and pomegranates from Kaštela in the biggest farmers markets, from Split to Zagreb.

In today’s gastronomical offer, old fashioned dishes are inspiration for the modern cuisine. This is how the Pepefiš delicacies by the Dražin family from Kaštela was created. Dražin have won several international awards for their combination of marinated salty anchovies and sweet and sour peppers. Many of these delicacies are must-try dishes featured in the restaurants of Marina Kaštela as well as Bavadria’s banquets.

Since every superb meal goes well with a good glass of wine, the story continues with Crljenak, an original grape from Kaštela that went on its journey to America 200 years ago and became one of the favourite red wines – Zinfandel. The long discussion regarding the origin of this wine has found its conclusion in Kaštela, as it was proven with modern genetic testing, that the seeds come originally from the old vineyards on the slopes on the Kozjak.

Today, Kaštela is undergoing a renaissance of their wine making. You can taste a glass of this superb wine with an intense ruby-red colour, soft rounded fruity aromas and very elegant structure in the Spinnaker restaurant in Marina Kaštela.

Welcome to the home of Zinfandel – Crljenak of Kaštela!