At the end of the events series for 2008/2009 at the Segeltreffpunkt, Bruno Hafner showed us his beautiful film about a sailing trip through the archipelago off the Swedish coast around Stockholm. The audience, filling up our premises up to the last seat, despite the sunny day out, was fascinated by the film.

The film awakened again the longing for sailing through beautiful seas, discovering quiet bays, and everything else that is an indelible part of a sailing trip.

During the breaks with a buffet and some Dalmatian wine, our friends had the chance to mingle and ensure us that the Segeltreffpunkt events are not to be missed. We often heard that the Segeltreffpunkt has become an institution in the heart of Graz’s old city.

We would like to thank all our sailing friends who have been regular visitors of the Segeltreffpunkt. Our special thanks goes to all presenters, who prepared their contributions with enthusiasm and care – our successful events are their achievement.

A big THANK YOU to:

  • Hannes Kriegl for his presentation on sailing through the canals of the Netherlands;
  • Hans Kaiser and his Graz male choir;
  • Rudi Frühwirt who has become a part of the Segeltreffpunkt;
  • Dr. Helmut Kattner, a doctor and devoted sailor for his presentation on the seasickness;
  • Anton Lobinger and the Quotlibet choir;
  • Familie Greiter for their presentation on sailing through the Pacific Ocean;
  • Bruno Hafner for his presentation on sailing through the Swedish archipelago.

We wish a happy summer to all our sailing friends and look forward to seeing you in our Marina Kastela. Enjoy your sailing trip! If you would like to send us a short description of how your sailing trip went, we would gladly publish it our website.

We will do our best again to arrange for an exciting and varied program for the 2009/2010 event season! We always welcome your ideas, suggestions, and presentation proposals about your nautical experiences. The topics we would like to cover in our event series have no limits!

Everybody is welcome!

Your BavAdria Team
Graz and Kastela 

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