The OLA racing boat has been designed and built for sailing according to IMS standards in the shipyard Green Marine in England in 2003. The design belongs to the designer team Bootin & Carkeek. The boat is made entirely of carbon fibre and its sails are North sails (carbon fibre and Kevlar).


Technical characteristics:
Length: 17.40m
Width: 4.149m
Weight: 15164 kg
Mast height: 30 m
Draught: 3.80m
Main sail: 190m2, Genoa 79m2, Spinnaker 246m2

In the last 2 years the boat has been sailing under a Croatian flag.

It is worth mentioning that Ola won the European race according to the IMS rules, which took place on the island of Cres in 2007.  Furthermore Ola won 5th place in the World Championship in Athens, Greece, in 2008.

Also worth mentioning are the results obtained by Ola in regattas in Croatia, such as the 3rd place in the annual Mrduja Regatta in 2007 and 2008 (seocnd place in its boat class). We are particularly proud of these achievements, as Marina Kastela, in which Ola is docked, is also its sponsor.

Among our planned activities for 2009 is also a participation in the World championship in Brindisi, Italy.

Among the crew members that took part in this year’s “Mrduja” Regatta the following people deserve a special mention:

Skipper Marin Mišura
Owners of “Ola” Mr. Diklić and Mr Barada
Owner of Marina Kastela and proud sponsor Mr Joško Berket
Luka Berket Junior
ŽŽeljko Perić and others.

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