This year’s Regatta "Mrduja" took place for the 82nd time with approximately 200 sailing boats and 1500 sailors coming together. The weather conditions were good and brought wind from the south with a speed of 15 knots.

Captain Joško Berket lead the crew of the Marina Kaštela: Zekan Armano, Perić Željko, Aljinović Luiđi, Zekan Mario, Matijević Kristijan, Pilava Edvin, Kolombatović Lelo, Kolombatović Rino, Berket Damjan, Jurić Armando, Ljubenko Mislav, Ivanišević Đenko, Bedalov Joško, Iljadica Branko.

The team needed two hours, nine minutes and 51 seconds to sail the distance from Split to the island Mrduja and back, win the first place and set a new record.

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