For the second year running Marina Kaštela hosts Flota mira (Peace fleet) “MIRNO MORE 2014”.
“Mirno more” is Europe’s largest social-pedagogy project for children and youth. The children sailed in the Adriatic from 13-20 September. Marina Kaštela hosted 107 sailboats with 900 children and crew members from 18 countries. The children and young people participated in many different pedagogy workshops, sport workshops and other activities.
The aim of the project is to give the opportunity to those children who are chronically ill, marginalized, socially threatened and physically or mentally impaired to hang out and sail together. The idea behind the activity is to help them to discard any prejudices they may harbour towards certain social, religious and ethnic groups. The motto of this unique project is “DISCARD THE PREJUDICES!”
The fleet headed out on 13 September from different marinas in Dalmatia and sailed until 16 September when all the sailboats sailed into the host harbour, Marina Kaštela. Our organization „Mirno More Marina Kaštela“sailed on Bav-Adria sailboats. The crews consisted of children suffering from diabetes with protégés of the Maestral branch Home for Children Miljenko and Dobrila from Kaštel Lukšić and children from Zagreb Rehabilitation Centre.


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