8. BavAdria Cup



Dear Sailing friends,

Before we continue with this article, we would first like to thank all participants in our Bavadria Cup Regatta!

This year there more participants in the Regatta than ever before!

The competition took place in 2 categories: Bavaria 44 with 9 participating boats and Bavaria 46 with 11 participating boats, a total of 20 participating crews!

The start of the Regatta was scheduled for 11:00 in the morning, but because of the unfavorable weather conditions (no wind!!) it was postponed for 11:20.

This year the wind was not very sympathetic with the regatta participants. It was coming from all possible directions, was very weak and at times not blowing at all.  After a successful start with a Southwest-West wind, the crew of Navi was the first to reach the first buoy upwind, followed by the teams of Bavadria Yachting and sailing club “Trogir.”  The first to go around the second buoy downwind was the team of Rowing club “Kastela”-Marinconsult, with Capt. Joško Berket at the steering wheel.  They were followed closely by Sailing Club Trogir, the “Otvoreno more” team, the team of the City of Kastela, etc.

Then the wind stopped completely. Even the wind ripples that the teams could see in the distance in the direction of Trogir did not reach us. That’s why the Regatta distance had to be shortened. The first team to make the new turn around the first buoy was the one of Capt. Berket, again followed by the team of City of Kastela, Sailing Club Trogir, etc.

The goal line also had to be rearranged due to the lack of wind, and the overall winner of the regatta turned out to be the Rowing Club “Kastela” team.

The celebration took place on the premises of Marina Kastela.

We would like to extend special thanks for their participation to our friends from ÖSYC in Austria with Skipper Peter Pennitz and to our friends from SD Krmar with Skipper Opalič Goran.

Traditional Dalmatian music and delicious fish with olive oil were of course an important component of the celebration.

Again a big THANK YOU to all participants and … see you again next year!



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