Dear sailing friends,

With our new service of organised volunteering, we wish to offer you the possibility of using your visit to Kaštela to actively participate in the community.

If you want to get the know the local residents and the authentic customs a little better and make a positive mark on the places you visit, volunteer-tourism is the ideal solution for you.

We are presenting you with our pilot project:  “Cooking for Kids”.

Every year, during the second half of May, the Broad Bean Festival takes place in Kaštel Kambelovac: a gastro gathering where the representatives of the local communities prepare various dishes using broad beans, a traditional ingredient in this region. Unless the weather dictates otherwise, this year’s Broad Bean Festival will take place on May 20th. The Calm Sea Association of Marina Kaštela is giving you an opportunity to participate in the preparation of 150 lamb and broad bean meals that we will sell together as a part of the Broad Bean Festival. You can chose whatever activity you like – cooking or serving food, and use your free time to see the other participants, taste numerous interesting dishes and enjoy the atmosphere of a Dalmatian festival.

We will donate all the funds we collect from this event to the Maestral Children’s Home, the Miljenko and Dobrila branch. This institution takes in children without adequate parental care and provides them with homes in one of the living units located in Kaštel Lukšić.

The fee to participate in the project is €60 per person. This covers the cost of ingredients needed to prepare the food while Marina Kaštela will provide you with a free one-night stay in the Marina Kaštela apartments. We can include seven volunteers in the project. For all additional information please contact our volunteer coordinator, Tena Romani at, or your Bavadria contact persons.


Dear sailing friends,

It was a great pleasure to see you all once again, our dear friends and old acquaintances, and to spend some enjoyable time with you as we look forward to Christmas.

Bavadria, Marina Kaštela and the Berket family would like to extend their most sincere thanks to all of you because your presence enhanced this celebration!

Of course, just like they do every year, our team from Kaštela brought with them some homemade Dalmatian delicacies and good wine, and the Podvorje vocalists ensured we got into the “Christmassy” mood with their repertoire of traditional Christmas songs.

We would like to thank you for all the ideas you proposed for the upcoming friendly regatta Bavadria that will take place between April 29th and May 1st, 2017. We would like to take this opportunity and invite you to the regatta once again.

Please allow us to remind you of the performance by the Podvorje vocalists that took place the very next day at the traditional Graz Eiskrippe (nativity scene made of ice) in Landhaushof (city hall courtyard)

Please click on this link to see several videos of the performances by the Podvorje vocalists:

Klapa Podvorje in Graz

This successful year is coming to a close, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the confidence you have expressed in our company Bavadria.

May the New Year be filled with joy for you and your family!

Merry Christmas,

Your Bavadria Team



A short time ago, the Iuventa ship docked in Marina Kaštela with a crew of volunteers from the Jugend Rettet Association. Volunteers from all around the world sailed the Mediterranean Sea to assist persons in peril on the sea. Since the end of July 2016 when their mission started, they have rescued over 6000 persons who found themselves in life-threatening situations on the sea as they were seeking a better life in Europe. The crew provided them with the basic assistance on the ship, including food, water and medical interventions, and transported them to safe locations.

During the cold winter months, their ship will be anchored in Marina Kaštela. We decided to support their humanitarian cause by offering them a free berth and ship care during the winter when the volunteers from the crew go home to rest. During this time, the ship will be refurbished and prepared for new rescue missions set to start again as soon as March of 2017.

We would like to thank these great people who have selflessly assisted people in need. Together with them, we hope for the future when such assistance will no longer be needed.


The Croatia Open Championship in sailing based on the ORC Rating System took place this weekend in Marina Kaštela with 20 crews from all over Croatia.

Even though the weather conditions were not on their side during the three days of rain and calm seas, the Regatta Committee managed to make the best out of the bad situation during the event. A sailing run was completed on Friday under the “bura” wind in the Kaštela Bay. Another sailing run was completed on Saturday following an unsuccessful sailing run during the morning “bura” in the Kaštela Bay followed by a sailing run from Čiovo driven by the gentle “maestral” wind.

Two sailing runs were completed on Sunday with the gusts of the “jugo “wind from the other side of the Marjan Mountain, and the entire regatta ended with the announcement of the winner and the award ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The overall winner of the Croatia Open Championship was the crew of the Nube sailboat with helmsman Mato Arapov, while the crew of the One crew won the first place in the smaller boat category with helmsman Karlo Kureta. Marina Kaštela’s sailboat won the 8th place.

Mr. Anton Kliman, the Minister of Tourism, visited Marina Kaštela last Thursday accompanied by Mr. Josip Berket, the owner of Marina Kaštela, Mr. Ivan Udovčić, the Mayor of Kaštela and his deputy, Mr. Milije Novak and Mr. Ante Šošić, the Deputy Prefect. The Minister visited the crew of the social-pedagogical project entitled Calm Sea – Fleet of Peace, just as they were getting ready to set sail from the Marina. The Minister also sailed out to see the formation of the Calm Sea fleet up close. The fleet consisted of 105 boats with crews of children from entire Europe.
The Minister then walked through the Marina to become familiar with the project of constructing and designing new contents; a business centre with a swimming pool and a sailing club with an organized shoreline that will significantly enrich the tourist offer not only of Kaštela, but of entire Croatia.