The Croatia Open Championship in sailing based on the ORC Rating System took place this weekend in Marina Kaštela with 20 crews from all over Croatia.

Even though the weather conditions were not on their side during the three days of rain and calm seas, the Regatta Committee managed to make the best out of the bad situation during the event. A sailing run was completed on Friday under the “bura” wind in the Kaštela Bay. Another sailing run was completed on Saturday following an unsuccessful sailing run during the morning “bura” in the Kaštela Bay followed by a sailing run from Čiovo driven by the gentle “maestral” wind.

Two sailing runs were completed on Sunday with the gusts of the “jugo “wind from the other side of the Marjan Mountain, and the entire regatta ended with the announcement of the winner and the award ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The overall winner of the Croatia Open Championship was the crew of the Nube sailboat with helmsman Mato Arapov, while the crew of the One crew won the first place in the smaller boat category with helmsman Karlo Kureta. Marina Kaštela’s sailboat won the 8th place.

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